3 Reasons Why You Should Use Lightroom Presets

When it comes to Adobe, they have got a number of tools that can have magic with your photos. Lightroom is one of those tools that has got an easy interface to help you edit images like never before!

Lightroom, when made its first appearance in 2007, became a favorite deal for photographers and image editors. You can import, save, view, organize, tag, edit, and share a large number of digital images.

With a clear thought that no software is perfect, we require additional presets and addons to have the best versions of your images.

Here are five reasons why you should opt-for Lightroom presets; starting with the definition:

What are Lightroom Presets?

The name says it all, lightroom presets are a pre-set configuration of settings which just require one click to have different feels for your photo.

The presets are crafted professionally by developers and image manipulation experts; widely used by photographers and image editing gurus as:

#1. It turns complex things into simpler ones

First things first, the presets turns complex stuff into simpler ones. Rather than spending hours on photo manipulation and editing, presets help you do magic within minutes.

Consider, for example:

You’re required to edit images with a similar feature or filter. What presets do is they allow the filter or configurations to be saved, which can be used on-spot. 

This is how presets save your time by turning complex stuff (the time taking one, right?) into more simple stuff.

#2. Bulk Editings become Possible!

After the simplicity factor with which the magic starts happening within seconds, here comes the bulk editing part:

Whether you have 50 images or a century, when presets are applied, configurations are applied to each of them.

If we look at the other side, with no presets, we have to spend tons of time to make every image valuable. If it is for 50 images, you have to edit each of them separately, costing you a lot of time.

#3. Customizable

The third reason to start using presets is that these are easily customizable. If you apply one preset, it doesn’t mean that the results are final.

Luckily, you can customize your images after presets, too. The brush tool can also be used to edit only specific areas of your image(s). Flexibility in customization, right?

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