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Don't worry. 

In case our presets didn't arrive automatically in your e-mail after the payment, type us at hello@presetsonline.com, and we will send them to you as soon as possible.

General questions

All the questions and answers that came to your mind :) 

Lightroom presets are basically pre-configured filters that helps you to edit your photos automatically with one simple click without any knowledge about photo editing.

Lightroom presets edit your photos instantly by adjusting multiple settings.

For example they change colour, contrast, white balance, temperature, tone, saturation, vibrancy, sharpening, lens corrections, luminance and more.

With presets you have settings that set a unique style created in advance by professional photographers.

Our mobile presets are designed for the free Lightroom CC app only.

Mobile presets can be used on a free version of the Lightroom mobile app. They are very easy to use and helps you to edit your photographs professionally and quickly.

Desktop presets require a paid Lightroom subscription and are usually chosen by professional photographers.

Lightroom presets are mainly used for photo-editing.

Options for video editing are fairly limited. We don't recommend it.

Yes, but it's not hard. We give you all instructions you need. 

There are 4 individual presets in one pack. All-in-One pack contains 16 individual presets and it's the most economical variant to purchase.

Yes, It’s a one-time purchase. It’s yours forever!

Installation and compatibility

Please check out our guide here

No, that's what's so good about them. Presets are very easy to use. I's just one-click editing.

You don't need to have any skills with Adobe Lightroom app either.

Yes, after the simple preset installation, you will be able to edit your photos with a simple click in your Lightroom app.

Yes, all presets are fully compatible with MacOS, Desktop operation systems, iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Refund policy

As our products are digital by nature (Lightroom presets), we do not give refunds once presets has been purchased.

This is the industry standard. If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact us at hello@presetsonline.com